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Lea Milgraum, M.D. PA (ASCP)

Board Certified Patient Advocate

Lea Milgraum holds an M.D. degree from the University of Munich, Germany, and Certification as Pathologists' Assistant in the US, which she practiced for over 10 years. Lea was also a licensed Massage Therapist from 2000 to 2010. Lea Milgraum, M.D. has had first-hand advocacy experience from a young age. She has practical experience dating back to Medical school and has carried it on. 

Born in Lithuania, growing up in Germany via Israel, and married to an American, she knows all about cultural differences. She understands how two very reasonable people can look at the same situation and see very different things. This happens in families, as well as between patients and doctors. Lea is here to understand your needs and views, communicate them to your doctor, share their views with you, and achieve the best health for you - on your terms.
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