​Some of the things I can help you with include:​

  • Guidance in where to turn if no conclusive diagnosis was made

  • Explaining your diagnosis, treatment plan and medical language in general

  • Guidance on how and where to obtain a second opinion

  • Researching your treatment options and alternatives, including their risks and benefits

  • Assisting you to make decisions regarding your health care

  • Helping to clarify your personal goals and values, physical and spiritual, regarding your healthcare

  • Preparing for fruitful conversations with physicians and other health care providers and accompanying you to appointments

  • Accompanying you to the emergency room and advocating for care best suited to your needs (in and out of the hospital)

  • Reviewing simple insurance and medical billing issues

  • Planning for future healthcare needs

  • Questions surrounding pregnancy, birth and immediate after care

  • Pediatric assistance

  • Preventive counseling (health/wellness coaching, weight loss)

  • Providing limited transportation


Things I don't do:

  • Bill insurance

  • Give medical advice or second opinions

  • Provide direct, hands on healthcare or diagnosis, treatment or medical or nursing care of any type  ∙  301-980-3994 (call or text)  ∙  © 2019 by Harmony Patient Advocacy, LLC

Harmony Patient Advocacy does not provide direct, hands-on health care, medical diagnosis, or treatment of any type and our services are not an attempt to practice medicine or nursing. Consultation with Harmony Patient Advocacy is not a substitute for the consultation and care of physicians or other members of the health care team.