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Our Services

Diagnosis Help

Have you received a life-altering diagnosis and not sure what to do? We are here to guide you every step of the way.

Assessing the need of looking for a second opinion in a timely manner

Accompanying you (in person / by phone or virtually) to appointments, communicate with providers and explaining your diagnosis and treatment options

Health Assistance

From preventive counseling to health decisions, we aim to advocate for the patient's health no matter what.

Empowering patients to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare

Preparing for fruitful medical appointments conversations with physicians and other healthcare providers

Preventive counseling (health/wellness coaching, weight loss)

Future Planning

Here at Patient Harmony Advocacy LLC, we communicate and understand the needs of our patient's on an individual level to better curate future plans.

Help clarify your personal goals and physical and spiritual values regarding your healthcare

Answering questions surrounding pregnancy, birth and immediate after care

Planning for future healthcare needs

Other Services

We provide a myriad of services that extend beyond traditional patient care. Here are some other services we offer:

Upon request, advocates may  provide transportation to appointments

Assisting pediatric patients

Reviewing simple insurance and medical billing issues

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