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About Harmony Patient Advocacy

Do you have health issues and don’t know where to start?

You got a diagnosis but don’t know what it means for you? How is it altering your quality of life, and your life expectancy?

Is it correct? Where do I get a second opinion? And how do I find the best doctor to treat it?


Your doctor told you you can choose between three treatment options, it is up to you!


How are you supposed to choose when you don’t know what it all means?


Nobody should have to navigate the very complex world of modern medicine without expert guidance. Any given health issue can be approached in multiple ways, a patient should be empowered to make an informed choice on how they want to proceed.


Few primary care physicians have the time to explain the whole picture, set priorities, and guide and integrate the treatment plans of multiple specialists. Thus every specialist treats one part of you and nobody has the time to look at you as a whole person. This is how we make a decisive difference, improving or safeguarding your health, and sometimes even your life.

Harmony Patient Advocacy, LLC

Lea Milgraum
DC • MD • VA


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About Lea Milgraum, M.D. PA(ASCP)

Lea Milgraum holds an M.D. degree from the University of Munich, Germany, and Certification as a Pathologist, Assistant in the US, which she practiced for over 10 years. Lea was also a licensed Massage Therapist from 2000 to 2010. Starting with medical school I have been helping family and friends to navigate the world of medicine.

"Navigate the world of medicine"

I wondered: “How do people manage who don’t have a doctor in the family?”

Harmony Patient Advocacy LLC was the answer.

Born in Lithuania, growing up in Germany via Israel, and
married to an American, she knows all about cultural
differences. She understands how two very reasonable people can look at the same situation and see very different things.
This happens in families, as well as between patients and doctors. Lea is here to understand your needs and views, communicate them to your doctor, share their views with you, and achieve the best health for you - on your terms.

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