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Lea Milgraum, M.D., PA(ASCP)

Board Certified Patient Advocate

Lea Milgraum, M.D. is a professional, independent, board certified, Patient Advocate. She received her M.D. from Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich in 1992. She gained important, practical experience in London UK before moving to the USA to marry her husband. After moving Lea requalified and received a M.D. in the USA. Lea worked in Pathology research at Johns Hopkins before doing a year residency in Pathology at University of Maryland. Lea has four children and while raising them trained and qualified as a therapeutic massage therapist. She also qualified as a PA in Pathology accumulating over 10 years in the field. Lea has been helping family and friends from an early age. She has dedicated her knowledge and experience to helping others who don't quite know what to ask.

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