Lea Milgraum, Professional Patient Advocate

Lea Milgraum, MD, PA(ASCP)

Board Certified Patient Advocate

We provide direct, independent healthcare advocacy to individuals and families in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

We help you to understand your situation, learn about your options and choose the best course of action according to your beliefs and wishes. Our services empower you to make the health care system work for you, using all kinds of medical professionals and healthcare specialists, as well as internet research and conversations with people who have experienced similar situations. We listen to and respect your needs.


"Patients who have a family member or a   patient advocate tend to do better and

 get out of the hospital quicker."

  -Dr. Ronnie Samet, Anesthesiologist

    UMD Shock Trauma Center, Baltimore

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer was scary. However, the hard part was all the decisions one has to make and all the information one was to digest.  I was so completely overwhelmed, scared and just frozen. I didn’t know where to turn first and how to get from one step to the next. In every step I took there were two or three decisions I had to make and many times where the doctor left it up to me. Thankfully, I was beyond fortunate to get in touch with Lea. She was there helping me sift through the medical jargon, asking questions at doctor appointments and relating the information so I could understand. Lea was also compassionate but strong when I couldn’t be. She also did her own research to help me gain insight into a problem. She didn’t make choices for me but listened to me and enabled me to make the best choice for myself. She saved me from unnecessary surgery at one point and assisted me in getting physical therapy. She  also gave me confidence in my journey to get through each step of the way. From surgery to chemo to radiation. I was so fortunate to have had Lea on my journey. I would highly recommend having Lea by your side through any medical situation.   

S.M. Silver Spring, MD

Lea took on the patient- and worked miracles! She made a hospital transfer happen in one day! She watched over the patient, gained the trust and cooperation of doctors and nurses and was able to handle complex personalities involved.  She planned ahead and as soon as inpatient care was not  necessary , made sure the patient was transferred to a comfortable rehab center close to home. I highly recommend Lea Milgraum. 

R. W-R., Silver Spring, MD

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