About Me


Lea Milgraum, M.D., PA(ASCP)

Board Certified Patient Advocate

I use my unique combination of education, experience and skills to help my clients navigate our very confusing medical system.  I have been helping others work with complex systems all of my life.  When I was eight years of age, my parents moved from Lithuania to Israel to Germany.  I quickly learned the new languages and often assisted my parents in figuring out how to get what they needed in their new home.


I attended medical school in Germany and, after an internship in England, moved to the United States to marry a man who is now a psychologist.  Over the years, he has relied on my guidance in making medical decisions for our four children and his aging parents.  He has returned the favor by providing me with priceless psychological insights, which I make use of to this day (both in my work and in my personal life).  


I have 16 years of experience working as a certified pathology assistant.  This experience provided me with a wealth of knowledge about how complex medical systems are and how important it is to hold medical professionals accountable.  Too often, I have seen important things falls through the cracks because someone was not playing their A-game on a particular day.  (I really should write a book about the clash of personalities, pressures and paradoxes of life in a pathology lab).  As a pathology assistant, I learned the skills of interacting with people at all levels, from the secretary to the physicians.  My goal was to always push for excellent patient service, by knowing who was the best person to address specific concerns.  Often delicate coordination of multiple staff was necessary.


I also trained as a massage therapist, which has helped me to develop a whole new dimension in my understanding of health and illness.  I am highly aware of the importance of stress management and healthy lifestyle in maintaining the best health possible.  When I am not working or being Mom, you will often find me in an exercise class or in the pool.  


I decided to become a Patient Advocate because I was doing so much of that work anyway.  From my parents (multiple trips back to Germany to help them with medical treatments) to my children, to my husband's family, to many friends, I am the go-to person to help people with their medical needs.  Even before opening my Patient Advocacy service, I helped people understand diagnoses and treatments, attended medical appointments with them, helped them chose physicians, etc.  I wanted to expand the circle of people I helped with these skills, so I opened Harmony Patient Advocacy.  I would love to work together with you to help you return harmony to your life by helping you get your medical treatment under control.     


My life experiences have made me acutely aware of conflicts arising from widely varying expectations, due to differences in culture, age, philosophy, education, etc. These differences can lead to serious misunderstanding between patients, their families and health care providers. Lack of mutual understanding can result in dangerous medical situations, something I have witnessed many times. That is where I come in – to understand you, what you experience, and what you want out of the medical system.  Armed with this information, I will communicate it to the providers and help you to use the health providers’ expertise for your needs.